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Due to the  COVID-19 situation, I am currently not seeing any on-site clients, so please disregard the content below for now. When the crisis has passed, this note will be removed and we will be so happy to resume our normal work. In the meantime, please take care of yourself by prioritizing restful sleep, being mindful of managing emotional stress, staying hydrated and eating healthy foods while reducing sugar and other refined carbohydrates, engaging in regular exercise and deep breathing, and keeping in touch with loved ones via technology. 

 Hello dear clients!

I'M BACK!  -- but with limited availability.

You may know that I closed my massage practice at the location inside the Mont Blanc Center for Dentistry in Highland, Utah a couple years ago. Heidi with Ascension Wellness is currently practicing there. I would recommend Heidi or a number of other qualified massage therapists in the area for a relaxing Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. 

If you are in pain and are a former client familiar with my work, I may be able to help. I am currently doing on-site work for a very limited clientele, on a case-by-case basis.  Since I would come to you, you would need to furnish a table that supports your weight while sitting (such as a Lifetime table) and I would bring a pad and cover. Or I would bring my massage chair. The modalities most often used would be a combination of NRT and myofascial release, but I always seek to address specific needs. I may consider doing on-site Swedish massage for those who have their own massage table in an appropriate setting in their home. Please contact me if you are interested.

My massage practice is limited, but I am still very much invested in sharing good health practices with clients and friends. My new website, bewellandjoyful.com includes healthylicious recipes and a scripture-supported health blog. To contact me about classes and presentations, send an email to krobb4health@gmail.com.

 As I have worked on hundreds of clients, addressing pain by doing NRT and other types of therapeutic bodywork, I have noted that often there is also an underlying problem of inflammation that could be addressed by improved health practices such as better nutrition. Pain, aching and soreness are usually the result of inflammation somewhere in the body, and without changes, the pain may continue to get worse. Quite often a client seeks help for "trauma" to the tissue and ignores the underlying issue of toxicity. I got my certification as a health coach from the Dr Sears Wellness Institute so I would be able to help coach my clients as I worked on them. I wanted to help them understand that they'd have a better chance of resolving their problem for good if they would also practice the L.E.A.N. program -- lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition. Visit this page to learn more about L.E.A.N. 



YOU are the one that can help your body heal itself and live a vibrantly healthy life!

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